Workshop for small scale shrimp farmers from Kyauktan enhances the farms management skills

  • October 9, 2019

Kyauktan township is located near Yangon where the biggest seafood customers in Myanmar are lived. MYSAP is enhancing the sustainable shrimp production of local small-scale farmers with seeking to address the logistic barriers between shrimp farms and restaurants demanding high-quality products from sustainable, eco-friendly production. The MYSAP, through its project MYSAP COAST, organized a 2-day workshop on “Basic Principle of Handling Seafood–Cold Chain, including Excursion” on 8-9 October 2019, in Kyauktan.

45 small scale shrimp farmers have learned the food safety standards and its practices, packing of shrimps, and basic financial and operation management for shrimp farms. In addition, they found out the procurement standards of shrimp from executive chefs from famous restaurants like Sharky, Malia and Orng kitchen.