Value-added fishery products workshop enhances income generating opportunities of small-scale farmers

  • September 5, 2019

Value-added is the most talked about word in the manufacturing industry, particularly in fish processing industry, mainly because of the increased opportunities, the activity presents for generating further incomes. Besides, value-added is one of the possible approaches to raise the profitability of fish processing industry, which now lays greater emphasis on quality assurance.

On 3-5 September 2019, MYSAP organizes a three-day workshop on aquaculture and fishery products processing technology in Kengtung, Eastern Shan State. The topics of Nutritional composition of fish and shrimp, freshness characteristics of fish and shrimp, processing and packing of value-added fishery products such as fish cracker, fish murukku and fish ball were delivered to 29 participants from Keng Teng Township. The workshop aims to educate on processing for domestic consumption and to offer income generating opportunities on small scale in short value chains.

MYSAP will continue to organize the value-added workshops in Pinlaung and Shwebo townships in September and Novermber, 2019 respectively.