Sai Twet is looking forward to MYSAP INLAND

  • July 13, 2018

MYSAP team has met with Sai Twet, a Shan ethnic young man, at Naungyang village and asked about of his livelihood and expectation of INLAND MYSAP project at Keng Tong Township.

And he replied, “There are 36 households and 15 pounds in the village, however most of the young people migrate to Thailand for work. But I am working on my own fish pond, which I inherited from my grandparents, but my fish are small and unhealthy. If I would have sufficient knowledge and skills in fish farming, I could produce more than the 10 viss I do at the moment and I would be able to sell to the fish market in the town. Today, I am happy to hear that the MYSAP project will support small scale farmers in the Keng Tung Township”.

MYSAP programme is focusing on advancing breeding and products from freshwater and coastal aquaculture, including input supply, production, product transformation, trade and consumption.

Major beneficiaries are the local population and small and medium enterprises in the inland states of Sagaing and Shan as well as the coastal states of Ayeyarwady and Rakhine, targeting over 250,000 smallholder farmers in total.