Reaching out to the Yae Byone Gyi rural community

On 25 May, 2018, the MYSAP Taunggyi team and the Department of Fisheries (DoF), Shan State, held the first of a series of trainings introducing fish farming techniques to farmers in Yae Byone Gyi village, Nyaung Shwe Township. While the area has been found unsuitable for rice farming, it has large potential for fish production.

Yae Byone Gyi Village

Around 50 people live in the village located in the foothills of the Inle Lake mountain range. Most of them are low-income villagers who depend on seasonal rice farming. However, existing paddy cultivation does not yield enough to provide significant income. Therefore, the villagers have been seeking alternatives.

The potential of fish farming in the village is large, according to the MYSAP Taunggyi team, who explored the area last month. They found over 100 ha of flood-prone swamp areas with sufficient water quality. Though there are some ponds in the village, they have not developed into major livelihoods due to insufficient management and lack of know-how.

In response to the villagers’ willingness to learn , MYSAP Taunggyi, in collaboration with DoF, Shan State, have started to provide trainings on basic fish farming techniques and how to set up fish ponds successfully.

So far, 40 farmers from villages in the area have acquired know-how in induced breeding, nursing fish fry and fingerlings as well as necessary steps to protect fish resources, the eco system and biodiversity of the Inle Lake and surrounding water bodies.

MYSAP plans to continue by organizing trainings on hatchery operations.