Result Area 1

    Strengthens the institutional and policy context for inclusive and sustainable development of aquaculture. Main activities are:
  • Support the implementation of the National Aquaculture Development Plan (NADP). The NADP is the official planning document for the development of Myanmar’s aquaculture sector highlighting sustainable and inclusive sector development, respecting the principles of gender equality, social justice and environmental sustainability as well as promoting nutrition and food security.
  • Support drafting of the national Myanmar Standard on Good Aquaculture Practices (GAqP), as a policy tool to promote e.g. sustainable production, food safety, gender equality, decent labour conditions and adaption to climate change.
  • Further develop DoF’s and MFF’s competencies, including capacity building training, public planning processes, special technical support to policy formulation, nutrition sensitive aquaculture, integrated aquaculture systems, e.g. rice-fish and mangrove friendly aquaculture.
  • Strengthen policies and laws on use of land and water.

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