INLAND MYSAP organizes lessons learned workshop in Shwebo Township

  • August 27, 2019

On 26 August 2019, the INLAND component of MYSAP and BRAC Myanmar conducted a Lessons Learned workshop at the Eden Restaurant in Shwebo Township. The workshop was attended by a total of 97 people (42 women) including 72 farmers (27 women), 05 (02 women) Department of Fisheries staff, 03 representatives from the Myanmar Fisheries Federation, Shwebo District, 18 BRAC Myanmar staff (09 women) and 07 INLAND staff (04 women). The objective of the workshop was to get farmer feedback to identify positives or things which went well in the field activities in Shwebo Township in the 2018-19 culture season and that should be increased and focused on in the 2019-20 culture season. Similarly farmers provided feedback to identify things which did not go well in the 2018-19 culture season, which should be improved in the 2019-20 culture season.

By taking farmer recommendations into account the staff of INLAND component of MYSAP, BRAC Myanmar and the Department of Fisheries will ensure that the INLAND component of MYSAP delivers increased benefits to all its direct beneficiary households in the next culture season.

BRAC Myanmar has been implementing the training and extension services on small-scale aquaculture and integrated vegetable and fruit production on pond embankments and homestead gardens to 256 households in the 2018-19 culture season, under INLAND MYSAP component, implemented by WorldFish Myanmar with the MYSAP’s lead. In 2019-20 culture season, 426 households will receive the supports to improve dietary diversity, fish production and consumption, and iIncome of disadvantaged households.