DoF to speed up the standardization process for skilled labor in aquaculture with MYSAP support

On 21 May, 2018, MYSAP organized a workshop on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in aquaculture, as a part of efforts to improve education and technical skills specialized in aquaculture. Total 35 participants from the Department of Fisheries, Myanmar Fishery Federation, the National Skill Standards Authority (NSSA) and the TVET-GIZ project attended the workshop at the Institute of Fishery Technology in Insein, Yangon.

The NSSA and TVET-GIZ presented their recommendations to facilitate the standardization of skilled labor in the aquaculture sector, for which there are currently no NSSA-certified training courses in Myanmar.

“DoF is providing five types of standardized skilled occupations such as aquatic life culture, deep sea fishery worker, fishery production worker, fish refrigeration technician, hatchery nursery technician. DoF has developed standard skills [for these occupations], but they need improvement according to global standards, technologies and market demand. Thanks to the technical support by MYSAP on that.” said U Myint Zin Htoo, Deputy Director General, Department of Fisheries.

The workshop identified the areas of support that could be taken up by MYSAP to facilitate the standardization process within the NSSA. The MYSAP-GIZ team will work closely with DoF to integrate their achievements into the NSSA framework and to provide TVET courses to aquaculture workers and rural extension agents, which will play a crucial role in establishing rural advisory services for sustainable aquaculture production.

The NSSA was formed by the Ministry of Labor, Immigration and Population to establish the Myanmar National Skills Qualifications Framework based on the Employment and Skills Development Law 2013. DoF has also established a committee for the standardization of skilled labor.