Department of Fisheries and MYSAP Organize a five-day virtual GAqP workshop

  • January 25, 2021

A five-day virtual workshop was held from 10-16 Dec 2020, to finalize the scope of MyanmarGAqP. About 30 participants from all the state and regional DoF offices attended. During the workshop, GAqP technical documents were presented by MYSAP GAqP Expert Mr. Jonah van Beijnen and Senior Aquaculture Consultant Ms. Kyra Hoevenaars, and were discussed intensively by the DoF attendees. As a result of the workshop, an agreement has been made to finalize the GAqP technical documents with input and decision-making by DoF, and to conduct training for DoF officers and auditors.


In addition, DoF will be leading the process to finalize the MyanmarGAqP framework, i.e. to discuss the draft National GAqP standard in the Livestock and Fishery Products Standardization Technical Sub-committee of MoALI. It will be further submitted to the National Standards Council, Department of Research and Innovation, Ministry of Education, for input and decision-making to enable finalization of the GAqP technical documents and ultimately to implement MyanmarGAqP within the country.

The National Standard on Good Aquaculture Practices (GAqP) has been developed as the basis of MyanmarGAqP under the technical direction of MYSAP in close cooperation with DoF, through Public-Private Sector Stakeholder Dialogue. A series of GAqP technical documents (namely audit guidelines and checklists for DoF GAqP auditors and a farmer’s field guide for farmers) have also been developed.

The MyanmarGAqP policy framework has been developed by the Department of Fisheries (DoF) for farmers of finfish and crustaceans to encourage the aquaculture industry in Myanmar to adopt more sustainable aquaculture production measures on farms.