MYSAP seeks to support the sustainable intensification of the aquaculture sector, thereby realizing its potential for food security, nutrition and livelihoods.Consistently, fisheries and aquaculture products account for the main source of animal protein and micronutrients in domestic diets. The sector directly employs some 3 million people and provides livelihoods for up to 15 million. Amid the recent return to international markets, the country’s rich aquatic resources offer many opportunities for a thriving economy to create jobs and export earnings.Read more

Establishing a conducive institutional and policy context for the inclusive and sustainable development of aquaculture.
Services, Education and Training
Improving service provision to businesses, especially for disease control, through developing capacity for higher education and vocational training in aquaculture.
Access to Inputs
Supporting the affordable and secure supply of high quality inputs for small-scale aquaculture farmers, including the promotion of natural, integrated farming systems and local hatcheries.
Value Chains
Building more efficient, resilient and sustainable coastal and freshwater aquaculture value chains, including mangrove reforestation and promotion of smallholder polyculture systems.
Nutrition and Food Security

Increasing sales of aquaculture products among communities living in fish-deficit areas and suffering from malnutrition in aims to improve the nutrition status.

Poverty Reduction and Inclusiveness

Creating decent work opportunities for the most vulnerable, including women.

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